Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Khan and the Tiger

Khan & the Tiger, 20" x 20", oil on canvas, copyright 2017 K.Widger

Ever since I saw "Life of Pi", several times, featuring the Bengal tiger called 
 Richard Parker, I have wanted to paint a Bengal.  It's not as easy as you 
might think to come up with a photo of a particular type of animal that
 is good enough to use as a reference, that "says" what you want it to say,
 especially if there are no Bengal tigers in your immediate area, or within 
many hundreds of miles, for that matter.  I am thankful to Artist Reference 
Photos for the use of this one, taken by a generous photographer of a 
Bengal tiger in a refuge.  (I added the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, 
as a sort of "counterpoint" to the strength and power of the tiger, 
and artists always take certain liberties with photographs, by necessity).  

All the Big Cats are critically endangered now.  Their habitats are shrinking
 daily, their meat and body parts in ever increasing demand for folk 
medicine. I hope to draw attention to their strength, their majesty, and 
their right to exist safe from poachers and those who would profit 
from their extinction.  The next time you see a Big Cat in a zoo or
 sanctuary or preserve, consider that it might be the last Big Cat you will 
ever see alive.  

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