Thursday, June 19, 2014


"Cody's Girl, Athena", 18" x 24" Oil on Canvas, copyright 2014 Katy Widger

I knew Athena, but only as a casual acquaintance. 

Her boy, Cody, had long since grown up and gone on his way.  She had the air of someone waiting patiently for her master to return.  Her mission in life had been to protect and to serve, and she performed her duty as a true servant, longing for his occasional return, calmly transferring her loyalties and service to the remaining family members.

She lived with my dear friend, Deb, on a ranch in central New Mexico.  Deb is an artist and she gathered together her artist friends on a regular basis.  Athena was always there, an imposing presence, alert but not intrusive to all the conversation and activities nearby.  Sort of like one of those body 
guards or SS men who are present but blend into the background and keep constant watch over 
everything happening that might in some way impact their charge.  

Athena was large, big-boned, with a  golden ruff you wanted to bury your face into.  She was elegant, classy, aloof, well-trained, polite and deeply loved.  And you knew that she knew that if necessary, she could take you down.  I spoke to her  respectfully every time I saw her, but only after many visits did she ever acknowledge me, and I felt honored for the nod.  

It was a privilege to paint her, and I am thankful for the opportunity.  Her amazing, powerful 
presence filled my studio as she came to life on the canvas, and more than once my eyes filled with tears, remembering.