Saturday, February 28, 2009


A girl and her dog in the park on a warm spring day. Do we remember those sun sprinkled days when we're older and life is no longer simple and easy and warm?
This dog gave all he had to those who loved him truly, and this girl grew up to love deeply the other wonderful canines who came into her life.
A fleeting moment in our life, a day in the park. Yet it defines so much of who we are. And it will yet warm our hearts if we but ask it to.

14" x 14"
Oil on wrapped canvas.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Katy is 55, O My!

Fifty-five is not a lot, of money, or hours to wait,
but in years we think and yearn of passions we didn’t get to sate.

A mystery it arrived so soon; it should have been a long, long trip.
Events years ago, remembered still, though some names begin to slip.

And even with some aches and pains, not welcomed nor desired,
the simple things still make you grin, the child is unexpired!

It’s your laughter at dogs so silly; a palette of fresh oil paint.
A bird that says “I love you”; it’s not the things that ain’t!

They say it’s just a state of mind; thinking so makes one old;
it’s not the years, but the miles; at least that’s what we’re told.

Still, you look “mahvelous”, as Billy says, so much younger than your years.
Please see your reflection in my eyes of love, not in the cruel mirrors.

So don’t lament the fifty-five, enjoy it and have your kicks.
Because in three-hundred-sixty-five more days, you’ll be fifty six!

My love, forever and ever,

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hidden behind this sweet, caring face, nearly constant wagging tail and occasional smile, is an attitude. This dog understands perseverance and pain.
Kaiser has been plagued almost his whole eleven years by physical problems leading to discomforts that would have most humans in a wheel chair, or worse. Since he was adopted from the pound as a puppy by his mom, Karen, he’s been beset with arthritis in both knees that makes running difficult, and tumors that sometimes make it difficult for him to roll over or lay on his back. He’s endured numerous surgeries to fix his knees and remove various tumors, and throughout it all he has remained calm and happy with his life. Maybe that’s because his favorite things to do are lying in the sun, sniffing the breeze and long, slow walks with his people. Hard to beat the simple pleasures!
Kaiser is a King of a Dog for many reasons, but his mom is especially close to him because of an extreme event in her life in which Kaiser responded by demonstrating to her just what dogs do best. He was able to comfort her in that way that dogs do, without words, just by being there, his grand spirit empathizing with her pain, absorbing her negative emotions and returning to her his unconditional love until the ordeal passed. She has returned the favor in her devotion and care of his physical needs. Is there any love that can surpass that of a woman and her dog?

8" x 10" oil on wrapped canvas
$160.00 SOLD
Dog Portraits by Commission