Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Nikki says Pike was named after the William Holden character in the movie Wild Bunch, not so much because he reminded them of the character, but because it's one of Don's favorite movies. Still, Pike is 89 pounds of pure muscle with a huge bark and a tough guy exterior. But that's all wrapped around a goofball who only tires of fetching his ball long enough to curl up like a fawn, folding his legs against his body and sleeping the way only the truly happy and pure of heart can melt away into sweet dreams.
Just so happened I was reading Marley & Me in anticipation of the movie coming out soon as I was painting Pike and his slobbery tennis ball. Nikki says of the book/movie previews, "that's our Pikey."
8" x 10" Oil on linen covered board
$160.00 unframed (SOLD)
Dog Portraits by commission at

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nikki's Pike

I finished this working drawing of a blonde lab named Pike this Monday morning. I'll start on the underpainting this afternoon, and hopefully finish it by Wednesday.
Pike belongs to Nikki and Don in Colorado, and I'll be painting him along with his pack mates Mati and Boston.
Pike is about eight years old, and it's pretty obvious that he loves to play with his ball.
I got a chance to "examine" a blonde lab up close in the Doggie Grocery Store yesterday afternnoon, to get a close look at that noble profile, the shape of her skull , that egg-shape roundness at the back of her head and the set of her eyes. Characteristics shared by most blonde labs and very useful for me to observe and remember as I paint Pike's portrait. Her nose, too, had the same pink tone that Pike's does. Beautiful, good-natured affectionate dogs who genuinely love both their people and goofing around with tennis balls!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beauty Grace Joy!

How is it that the fresh, innocent face of a child never fails to bring a smile! There's a certain joy that wells up, a delight unlike any other, when that new little person smiles back at us!
Eyes so full of curious intent and ageless wisdom we dare not look away, less we miss a pearl.
Oh! The Grace of a God who would create such a being and give her to us for a time, to gaze on her beauty and bask in the glow of her radiance, as if the Spirit of God who dwells within, overflows and fills the room with His radiant light!
How do we answer such a gift? With love!

For He first loved us, and sent His Son as such a babe on a cold winter night so long ago.
Beauty Grace Joy!
12" x 9"
Oil on Canvas