Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here's a portrait of a happy dog! Life is good for Poncho. He's a hugable, sweet natured clown who just likes to have a good time. When he's out on the ranch with his "Aunt" Susan, he has found true pleasure in partying with all the other dogs and goats, playing, barking to his big heart's content and just tearing off across a field to see what's out there. Oh! The joy of being allowed to be a dog! Sniffing, barking, running, playing!
Those languid brown eyes of his are the window to an empathetic soul that loves deeply and truly. Susan says Poncho will give you his paw and look deeply into your eyes as he "talks" to you. Those of us who know that dogs really do talk to us, both verbally and with their hearts, understand and are in awe of dogs like Poncho. We have a lot to learn from him. He lives his life completely in the present, one happy moment at a time, and gives joyful thanks for every blessing! Lead us on, Poncho!
8" x 10" oil on wrapped canvas
$160.00 SOLD
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