Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wild African Lion

Wild African Lion, 12" x 12" oil on canvas, copyright K. Widger 2016

In some parts of Africa, Wild Lions are extremely endangered.  National Parks and Refuges attempt to save some, but poachers take their toll.  In other parts of Africa, lions are being raised in captivity and the cubs are subjected to a cruel hoax wherein they are sedated and tourists, unaware of their fate or the conditions of their captivity, are allowed to pet and "cuddle" with them, and take photos to post on FB and other social media accounts, of course.  When the lions become to big to safely handle, they are sold to "game farms" where they are the prey in a "canned" hunt. Some are so tame and accustomed to human interaction, by then, that the "hunters", who pay a large fee for the opportunity to "hunt" the big cats,  simply walk up to them and shoot them with pistols.  They deserve better.

The reference photo from which I painted this Magnificent Beast was shot by Emmanuel Keller, a "hunter of wild game" who shoots with his camera.  Thanks to him and Wildlife Reference Photos.