Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Boys

"The Boys", 18" x 24" Oil on Canvas, copyright 2017 Katy Widger

Biscuit was a sickly little runt of a pup, only 6 weeks old when he was dumped.  Shannon and Tom rescued him and gave him the very best life any blind dog could have ever hoped for!  He's a "talker" who loves to visit on the phone with his grandmom,  and anyone else who'll listen.  Face rubs, butt scratches and tending to his vast collection of beloved stuffed animal "babies" make up the rest of Biscuit's happy days with his family.

His best friend for life, Boomer, is a "typical" German Shepherd Dog in that he never stops "working".  He has to know what is going on, inside and out, every minute of the day, just in case his services are needed.  That green tennis ball is his other favorite thing in his life.  He fetched and fetched, relentlessly, until his teeth were worn to nubs and his mom and dad were exhausted.  

The Boys have never spent more than a few hours apart in their entire lives, and we all pray that it remains so.  Warm, happy days on the beach, good dogs and a loving family makes up the best that life has to offer.  God bless them all!