Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wooly is a Malti-Poo, soft, silky and curly. The Maltese in him loves to cuddle next to his dad at night in their favorite chair, and watch the world go by in his special place on the back window shelf of his people's Buick. The Poodle half takes his job as Official Greeter of the mailman, UPS or FedEx guy very seriously. When he hears their trucks, he flys up to the back of the couch and announces their presence from the big picture window, then races furiously out the kitchen Wooly-door to make sure they don't go sneakin' around the back.
His other favorite activities are going for walks, and sneaking articles of clothing from his mom, just to luxuriate in her scent, he loves her that much! He's also quite fond of the other ladies in his life, daughters and granddaughters of his parents, and never forgets a friend. Sweet little Imp!
Wooly 10" x 8" oil on linen board
$160.00 unframed SOLD