Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taz and Cosmo

I was tempted to call this little painting "Cosmo's Third Eye", as he sits here in his lion pose, meditating next to his best friend, Taz, who has only one eye. He lost the other in an accident involving a car, but hasn't seemed to mind so much, now that he and Cosmo have found their forever home with Chris. Profound serenity visits Cosmo, and Taz basks in the glow, sharing his own inner frivolity with his BFF.
5x7 oil on raw silk covered board.
Painted as a commission: $100.
I'm delighted to paint an everlasting memory of your BFF.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sadie Blue Jeans

It's hard to describe that feeling of mutual adoration that so many of us who love dogs almost take for granted. It's a symbiotic relationship of mutual neediness. Those who love and respect dogs as fellow created beings know exactly what I mean, and I need no words to describe it. Sadly, for those whom dogs are just another soulless species of animal life there are not enough words to convey the emotion. It can only be experienced . This little dog, lying at my feet, looks up at me with love and adoration, and I return the gaze. We sigh, content with the unspoken satisfaction that only trust in the faithfulness of love can bring.


Oil on linen covered board 8" x 10"

Inquiries invited: katy@katywidger.com

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