Monday, March 31, 2014

Still Water

"Still Water" 18" x 24" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas copyright 2014 K Widger
Another painting from autumn days spent at Bosque del Apache.  It's a two hour drive from our home, so we usually drive over in the afternoon to see the birds coming into the refuge from areas near by where they feast on corn and grain fields grown especially for them. Once in a while we try and make it for the sunrise fly-out, which is spectacular, with thousands of birds taking flight simultaneously.
This scene was early in the fall, at sunset. There were other cranes in the immediate vicinity, but this crane stood alone in his own private flooded field, watched only by us and a golden eagle resting nearby.  I re-arranged elements from the original photo to create a more pleasing composition, moving the horizon line, pushing the trees into the background and bringing the crane forward, which necessitated re-arranging all the reflections, as well. 
If interested in purchase, please contact me directly.
SOLD  Thank you so much!

Flight of Icharus

Flight of Icarus 14" x 14" Oil on Gallery-wrapped Canvas

The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in Socorro, New Mexico is home to thousands of Sandhill Cranes and other water birds that overwinter there, flying down from their northern breeding grounds to the corn fields and waterways near the Rio Grande. Thousands of birds gather, and the joyful cacophony can be almost deafening at times, but as you watch and wait, the family groups begin to emerge. These three were probably mom, dad and youngster, flying off into the sunset to roost, after enjoying another day of their winter vacation.
The painting is available at The Watermelon Gallery in Cedar Crest, New Mexico. Tell Terry you saw it on my blog.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Interviewed by Katherine Carver, Dog Photographer

Katy at the ABQ Zoo in February 2014

Recently I was interviewed by Animal Photographer Katherine Carver for inclusion in her Blog, Biscuits Space.
Here's a link to her blog and the interview:
I think she did a great job with the format.  It was actually enlightening for me to answer her questions, thinking about the "why I do this,  and how I got here" aspect of my art.  

Thank you, Katherine, for the opportunity to share my art and my story with your readers!