Friday, December 30, 2016

Snow Cat

"Snow Cat" 14" x 21"oil on canvas. Copy right K. Widger 2016
He's an Amur Tiger, cousin to the Siberians, and he lives way up North in the coldest latitudes.  Even more endangered than the Siberian, his numbers dwindle as he is poached for his bones, organs and beautiful pelt.  Still, he holds on to his rightful place on this Earth as best he can, unaware that these next few decades may see the end to his race of beings due to the greed and ignorance of man, far more so than loss of habitat.  He's got plenty of room to live his life, but he's no match for the horrible devices man devises to track and kill him.  When will we ever learn....when will we ever learn?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Predator Dreams

Predator Dreams 14" x11" oil on board Katy Widger 2016
Just finished this one, so the picture is "shiny" from the wet paint reflections.
The ABQ Bio Park has two cougars, and WildLife West, here in Edgewood, has two young sisters.  Their mother was trapped and killed and the young sisters captured and brought to WLW to live out their lives. Observing cougars in captivity bears no resemblance to getting a glimpse of them in the wild, but it's the best option I have. They are top tier predators, and take mostly elk and deer in northern New Mexico, and big horn sheep in southern NM.  They are very rarely observed and rarely take domestic livestock because their native prey is plentiful.


 New Mexico is one of very few states that allows, even encourages, the trapping of animals for sport.  It is shameful and horrific.  Cougars, foxes and bobcat are the specific targets, and coyotes have long been hunted, trapped, poisoned and shot in coyote-killing contests in this backward state.  I have hope that the congress of the US will outlaw trapping very soon.  NM sure isn't going to.

Little Gems

Jaguar 5" x 5" oil on board
Female Cougar 5" x 5" oil on board
ABQ Swan 5" x 5" oil on board
Inverness Cow Lick 5" x 5" Oil on board
Placitas Old Grey Mare 5" x 5" Oil on board
Gordon's Raven 5" x 5" oil on board

Little mini paintings I completed recently, in hopes of entering them into the Masterworks Miniature show coming up early next year.  Each is 5" x 5" oil on board.  Available now, in December only. for $85 each, unframed.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wild African Lion

Wild African Lion, 12" x 12" oil on canvas, copyright K. Widger 2016

In some parts of Africa, Wild Lions are extremely endangered.  National Parks and Refuges attempt to save some, but poachers take their toll.  In other parts of Africa, lions are being raised in captivity and the cubs are subjected to a cruel hoax wherein they are sedated and tourists, unaware of their fate or the conditions of their captivity, are allowed to pet and "cuddle" with them, and take photos to post on FB and other social media accounts, of course.  When the lions become to big to safely handle, they are sold to "game farms" where they are the prey in a "canned" hunt. Some are so tame and accustomed to human interaction, by then, that the "hunters", who pay a large fee for the opportunity to "hunt" the big cats,  simply walk up to them and shoot them with pistols.  They deserve better.

The reference photo from which I painted this Magnificent Beast was shot by Emmanuel Keller, a "hunter of wild game" who shoots with his camera.  Thanks to him and Wildlife Reference Photos.

Friday, July 22, 2016


I've been painting endangered species lately.  Focusing on Big Cats so far this year.  I was inspired several years ago when Life of Pi came out.  And then Cecil the beloved lion was killed by that dentist in a "canned" hunt, where a "hunter" pays a fee and is guaranteed a kill.  They baited Cecil to leave his sanctuary and he was shot at night using bright lights with a compound bow, only to suffer for another 24 hours before he was finally tracked and killed with a pistol.  Made me extremely angry and sick.  For the most part, I have no issues with "real" hunters, those that obey the rules of fair chase and kill for need.  I do have a big problem, personally, with those who kill for pleasure and sport.   That pretty much defines most "big game hunters" who like to think of themselves as game conservationists because they pay big fees to kill what amounts to captive game.  Lions are being bred in captivity for the sole purpose of becoming prey for big game hunters, let loose into a hunting park where they are easily tracked and killed, with some so tame they can be approached and shot with a pistol at close range.  Wild African lions are extremely endangered because their habitat is shrinking, and they have been hunted mercilessly over the past decades.  Thanks to Emmanuel Keller of Wildlife Reference Photos for the reference I used in this painting.
Lioness, 12" x 12" oil on canvas, copyright K. Widger 2016

Underpainting in saturated colors

Value Study

Monday, July 4, 2016

Birds of Prey Attack Small Pets

East Mountain Pet Alert produced this video to warn owners of small pets about the dangers from Great Horned Owls, Red Tail Hawks and other raptors.  Please watch, share, imbed in your own blogs and websites, share on FaceBook!  

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Encantada! 2016 Rio Grande Artist Association Annual Juried Show

Azeo (Snow Leopard), 18" x 24" oil on canvas, copyright Katy Widger

Evening Flight, 18" x 36" oil on canvas, copyright Katy Widger

The Egg Thief, 30" x 26" oil on canvas copyright Katy Widger

These three paintings of mine were all juried into the show. An honor to have all three accepted!  The opening reception will be on Wednesday, July 6 from 5-8PM.  Awards at 6:30.  I'll be there!  Hope you can come!  The show runs through July 27, open Wed-Sun 10:30AM to 5:30PM at the Fine Arts Bldg at Expo New Mexico (State Fair Grounds). 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Painting a Leopard

African Leopard, Kruger National Park, Oil on canvas 14" x 21" c Katy Widger May 2016

This is a wild leopard from Kruger National Park in S. Africa.  While not labeled as endangered right now, many species of leopards are critically endangered.  Since he's a wild fellow, not a resident of a zoo, he has no "name" to identify him as an individual.  But, in God's eyes, he is an individual, and he does have a name.  I am so glad that there is a National Park in S. Africa where he can roam free and live his life as a wild leopard, apart from confinement and the imminent threat of extinction, or bullets, traps, poisons and snares, an unnatural death at the hands of man.  

Credit to Marna Buys for reference photo on Photos for Artists.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Pet Portrait Contest! Please Vote!

"Joy Ride" 16" x 24" oil on canvas C Katy Widger

"Wyatt's in the jump seat, Zeke likes to drive on our way to the Dog and Soccer Park in Edgewood, every day possible!"

Dick Blick Art Supplies is hosting an online Pet Portrait Contest. Winner gets $300 worth of art supplies and some good national publicity.  I'd sure love to win this, mostly for the publicity, but the art supplies are very nice, too.

You can vote for this painting using this direct link starting today, May 23 through May 30. You can vote every 24 hours until then!  Please vote!  It just takes a second to click on the link, and then click on the "vote" tab.  No need to leave name or email; you can vote anonymously!

You can also see a darling TV interview featuring Wyatt (and me) on the Morning Brew with Larry Ahren's here on YouTube:  The Morning Brew with Larry Ahrens featuring Katy Widger and Wyatt   Wyatt was a real character, as usual, and everyone in the studio wanted to meet him afterwards!  If only dogs could talk!  

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

MasterWorks of New Mexico 2016

My previous piece, "Blood Moon Offering" was juried into this prestigious show featuring the best that New Mexico artists have to offer!  This is the fifth time I have entered Masterworks, and the third time I have been juried in.  It is notoriously hard to get into! It's quite a honor and I greatly appreciate the opportunity and the recognition.