Thursday, July 22, 2010

Backporch Color Fun!

These are little 5 x 7's painted yesterday on the back porch. It was a glorious summer day, and I couldn't stand to be indoors, so I took some paints and a small paint box out on the shady porch, along with a few sweet little photos of the Apsos.

So, here are Zeke, as a puppy, Wyatt in the sunshine, and Miss Sadie Wonder relaxed and comfy on the big dog bed.

My very simple palette included purple, phalo green, yellow ochre and a bit of crinacridone magenta, and white, of course.

Oil on linen or canvas covered board
5" x 7"
$75 each, while supplies last!

Contact me if interested.
I'd be delighted to paint a colorful backporch painting of your favorite pooch (or other critter)!