Sunday, February 23, 2014

Joy Ride

"Joy Ride" 16 x 20 Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas copyright 2014 Katy Widger

Wyatt is undoubtedly the happiest dog I've ever had the pleasure of loving!  Going to the park just adds to his daily dose of joy!  His deep, dark eyes shine with anticipation!   Once on the ground, his long, elegant, fluffy tail goes down level with his back (less drag, you know) and off he goes, running faster than you would imagine he could, to the end of the soccer field, spinning a 180 and meeting us halfway back as we, in comparison to his agile flight, lumber clumsily along, burdened with the affliction of two less legs.  

Zeke, on the other hand, gives it his best shot, and don't get me wrong, he can move, especially when   a motorcycle roars by on the highway and he gives  hopeless pursuit with all his short legs can muster (inside the fenced park).  But Wyatt can run easy circles around us all, joyfully, with much enthusiasm.

I composed this painting by doing some creative editing from several photos taken on the same day as we headed to the soccer park.  Ken was actually operating the car, of course, but Zeke was in his usual spot on his lap, paws on the center of the steering wheel, intent on the destination.  Wyatt, on his center carpeted console, kept interjecting his happy face into my photo, insisting  that I change the center of interest for at least one of the paintings.  

So here's to you, Wyatt, you Happy Dog!