Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shelby and Chico

Shelby and Chico, 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas Board copyright 2013 Katy Widger

This painting is a birthday gift for a very special Veterinarian from his thoughtful and loving wife.
Both dogs have passed over that Rainbow Bridge this past year, having lived out the last years of their lives with said Vet.  Both belonged to clients, and both came to live with the Vet and his family because he has a kind heart and loves dogs.
Shelby's owner's life took a turn that made it impossible to continue caring for her, so he asked his trusted Vet to take her in, and he willingly did so, having loved collies all his adult life.
And Chico's elder owner just simply died, and the Vet made good on a promise he had made to the old man, but had forgotten about, until the call came that a little dog needed him, now.
We look to our trusted vets to provide good care for our critters, but some are willing to go far beyond that call.  God bless the man who practices in his life the good care and loving concern for critters that called him to his profession in the first place!  And Happy Birthday!